Dear all,

We are off to a new race course season!


Lovers and enthusiasts, novices,
Residents, secondary residents, vacationers, spectators a day

Clairefontaine, everything is designed for YOU! And for everybody !


This summer, the essential destination is the Hippodrome de Clairefontaine with increasing animation, entertainment and gifts.


We always want to satisfy you, we set up, each year, more and more news. No day will be like another.


So Clairefontaine is YOUR destination now !

So see you !


Docteur François Grandcollot
Président de la Société
des Courses du Pays d'Auge

ACTUALITESCarte cadeau


❖ A chaque année un nouveau label pour Clairefontaine !

After obtaining the EquuRes label in 2014, the racetrack is seen labelisé Normandy Quality Tourism, a label recognized Chambers of Commerce and Industrue and Upper Regions and Lower Normandy.
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❖ Nothing is lost !

At the occasion of the 2016 racing season Racecourse of Clairefontaine, a shack books will be set up for 2 months and will benefit the young and old, a peace corner for reading.
Donate your old books, comics for all to enjoy! Late in the season, the books will be donated back to the association "Secours de la Côte Fleurie"

From 15 January 2016, you can come drop your books racecourse to the secretariat *

Monday to Friday from 10am to 5 pm
Route de Clairefontaine
14800 Tourgéville

For further information:

* The books in poor condition will not be accepted. No home travel.